Hello Spring


It’s hard to believe that it’s already spring as I look outside my dorm window at the snow storm. Either the groundhog was wrong or Mother Nature is seriously mad as us- April is supposed to bring showers, not snow.

Despite my complaining of all this wintery weather, I like that the snow reminds me of home. I haven’t been back in Cleveland for awhile now, but I might be back this summer, depending on how internships work out. Being away for so long really makes you appreciate the little things- being greeted by my dogs, showering without flip flops (college bathrooms are nasty), cooking my own food (dining hall delight is not so delightful).

Anyways, my inspiration for this look was anything and everything Parisian. I wanted to emulate that of the French (though I have no familial connections or past travel in France). My roommate, however, speaks fluent French so she has been teaching be bits and pieces in between study sessions. My vocabulary so far consists of “Croissant” and “Oui.” Talent, right?  Regardless, it was sunny skies and warm temperatures just a few days ago, so I wore a striped, sleeveless “mock turtleneck.” I’ve had an obsession with this type of shirt lately. I’m a major fan of turtlenecks and tank tops, so this was a win-win. You are probably wondering what the point of keeping my neck warm but not my arms is, and to be honest, I wondered that too. It’s for the stylistic appearance, just go with it. I kept things simple (going for the whole “je ne sais quoi” after all) and matched it with a pair of high-waisted jeans and Derek Lam sneakers I found on sale at Intermix (arguably my best sale find to this day).


Top: Urban Outfitters

Jeans: Citizens of Humanity

Sneakers: Derek Lam (Intermix)

Sunglasses: Kate Spade

Fingers crossed that the weather will call for tank tops again this week. Comment below your thoughts! Happy Monday:)

P.S.: Check out my latest spring fashion column at bcheights.com, where I talk all about the Canadian Tuxedoes, Cartoons, and even Dog Collars that graced the runways of the lasted New York Fashion Week.

Pink in Paradise

FullSizeRender-1Hello lovelies:) It’s been quite some time since I’ve last been on Tres Chic. My transition to college called for a temporary hiatus from blogging, but I promise I’m back. Now that I’ve moved to Boston, there is whole new set of adventures for me to share on the blog. It’s weird moving so far away from home, 639 miles to be exact, but I’ve fallen in love with Boston. Nonetheless, Ohio, you will be missed.

For spring break, my roomie and I fled to Naples for a girls trip. And p.s., you all should check out her blog, Bee and Reed. Taylor’s style is impeccable, and I’m not just saying that because she’s my best friend. Anyways, Naples has been absolute paradise. Though I’m an avid fan of fuzzy sweaters and knit scarves, there’s nothing quite like throwing on a bikini and laying on the beach all day.

In this look, I kept things simple with a pink blouse, white jeans, and mules. Taylor inspired me to try the mirrored-sunglass trend with this outfit. Both of us have been into statement sunglasses lately(the amount we own is embarrassing).


Top: Theory

Pants: Anthropologie

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

Stayed tuned for more of this weeks outfits. I promise, I’m back for good. It’s been too long; I’ve missed blogging. Comment below your spring break plans!



Ode to Summer


Yes, this is cliché, but its scary how fast time flies by. I feel like summer just began and I have months to run around in jean shorts and tan the day away in bikinis. In reality, I leave for college in three days. Is that terrifying or what? My whole life, I’ve lived in the same little small suburb and with the same group of people. I used to look out my bedroom window and dream about the day when I would have the opportunity to move to a big city. And now, it’s finally happening! Whenever people ask my how I’m feeling about going away to college, I always give them the scripted, “I’m so excited!” But, excited doesn’t even to begin to describe it. I’m at a loss of words, which does’t normally happen. To prepare, this last month has been filled with endless Bed Bath & Beyond trips and too many goodbyes, which is why I’ve been MIA recently.

As my ode to summer, I decided to let my free spirit run a little wild to create this very “bohemian meets vintage” vibe. I paired Vintage Levi shorts with a white crop top from Winds of Change. On my feet were my go-to-shoe this summer, tan lasso sandals from Madewell.



Shorts: Vintage Levi’s (similar)

Top: Winds of Change

Shoes: Madewell

Check back next week for an exciting new collaboration. I won’t give away details quite yet, but here’s a hint: it’s time to spread some happiness!



Island of Burano

IMG_0303While in Venice, we took a boat over to the Island of Burano. It’s an island for fishermen, but I went to see their infamous lace and brightly colored buildings. I’ve seen the breathtaking photos of Burano all over Pinterest, but actually seeing it in person left me awestruck. It looked right out of a storybook. I didn’t want to leave; it was perfect. Instead of rambling on about how amazing it was (because I could do that for hours), I decided to let the photos speak for themselves.


Dress: Free People

Shoes: DSW

Bag: Gucci (vintage)

Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.” -Lisa St. Aubin de Teran



H&M Hat Hunting

photo1We all have it- that one fashion trend that makes us say “Oh I can’t pull that off.” For some, it’s the comeback of crop tops. For others, it’s the rise of skinny jeans. For me, as silly as it sounds, is hats. Everyone wears hats, right? Well I’ve always tried to avoid them, because I thought I wasn’t a “hat person.” I mostly blamed this on my lions-mane hair. Have you ever tried to tame a lion? If you’re not a professional, don’t try it at home folks. It will just end badly. And same goes for my hair.  I figured adding a hat would only cause my hair to rebel. Turns out, I was wrong.

When I was packing for Itay, I knew that I would need a hat to protect my face from the sun (as well as fashion purposes). I was hat hunting at H&M and I came across this oh-so-chic white floppy hat. I decided to give it a try, and I’m glad I did. It was the perfect extra touch for my italian inspired outfit (plus it was a great price). For this look, I wore a white maxi skirt that I scored at this little boutique in town. I matched it with a baby blue off-the-shoulder top and white flat sandals from DSW. To top it all off, I added my new favorite piece of my wardrobe- my H&M hat.



Hat: H&M (similar)

Skirt: Nola True

Top: Topshop

Shoes: DSW

So the next time you are shopping and you think, “Oh, I can’t pull that off,” give it a chance. Maybe you will end up surprising yourself. Keep your eye out for my next post about my adventures in Rome. Happy hat hunting!




Rebelliously Conservative


Ever since we were little, we’ve been taught to keep things within their boundaries; to color inside of the lines. And although I tried with all of my might to neatly paint by numbers and stay within the black borders, I just couldn’t do it.  I found more beauty when all of the colors blended together. I still do.

In the world of fashion, people’s style is often times categorized. There is preppy, classy, retro, boho, sporty, grunge, and so on. Just like with coloring, I’ve tried to fit within one of these sections. But it hasn’t worked. So, I decided to to create my own category instead: Tres Chic. No, not the french translation of “very fashionable” (although yes, that is what it means). But instead, I mean my blog.  Tres Chic is my very own category (please pardon the cheesy fashion name, I created the blog on a whim).  I encourage all of you to find your own style— better yet, your own voice in all of your endeavors— instead of trying to adhere to a previously established ones. Life is more fun when you aren’t afraid to defy limits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not promoting breaking important rules that are put into place for a reason. But when it comes to your creativity and individuality, go make your own.

In this outfit, I started out with a plain white button-downed boyfriend blouse (any wardrobe needs this as a good basic). Pretty conservative and classy by itself.  But I thought it looked too boring with bland blue jeans, so I threw on a pair of ripped jeans. I matched the look with black gladiator sandals (I have been wearing these nonstop lately) and the iconically classy black Chanel quilted bag. My curls weren’t behaving, so up in a high ponytail they went. The outfit started conservative, but then I added my own little twist. Rebelliously conservative that is.

P.S. Once we took all of the photos I realized you couldn’t see the shoes I was wearing…but I promise, they are Rebecca Minkoff Georgina Sandal in black.

Rag & Bone

I was going through old photos today on my laptop today and I realized that I never posted my Rag & Bone look from Brigade. It’s super casual and laid back, which seems to be my style these days. I’m finally done with high school uniforms (even though I never really followed the dress code), so I’ve been making up for 13 years of that by wearing jeans and comfy clothes all day. Don’t you worry, I’m still a gal that loves to dress up, but it’s nice to break free from button-downs and knee socks. To keep things simple, I wore a pair of beat-up jeans, a white t-shirt, and a plaid-flannel around my waist. I’m not into wearing flannels normally, but around the waist is a perfect extra touch to the outfit. I threw my hair in a sloppy bun and called it a day. To be completely honest, I’ve never been good with the messy bun look. So, I had a little help with this one. The effortless hair look does not necessarily come effortless for me, but shhhh that’s our little secret.

IMG_1886IMG_1882IMG_1885 copy

This complete look is Rag & Bone from the Brigade store at Beachwood mall. I recommend going to the store to see the new clothes they have in for summer. They really know how to bring fashion to Cleveland. I just completed my senior project there, which I shall tell you guys all about later. Until then, stop by the store and maybe you’ll see the little green romper I’ve had my eye on. Happy Wednesday!



Casual Saturday Style





I’ve always been one of those people that have preferred to be overdressed than underdressed. However, after a tiring week, sometimes I just want to throw on my pajama pants and call it a day. Sadly, I can’t wear pajama pants in public (if only pajama pants graced the runways of fashion week instead of those 70’s jeans). So instead, for my casual saturday style, I matched this super comfy Boys Club  sweater from Nasty Gal (my new all-time favorite online shopping) with a pair of ripped jean shorts from Forever 21. I threw on my white converse (which I’m having a really hard time keeping clean) to finish up the outfit.

Boys Club Sweater (here)

Converse (here)

Share your casual saturday style by commenting below! Tres Chic is finally on twitter, so go follow @_TresChicBlog to connect. Happy Weekend<3



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